2023 Halloween Trick or Treat Times

Children trick or treating on Halloween 2023
Photo by kwbridge

It's time for Halloween costumes, candy and decorations for Halloween 2023! Trick or Treat times vary from town to town across the nation. This website serves as an information portal displaying local times so you know when to go out or when to be ready with tasty treats.

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Last Updated: 09-24-23

No matter when you go out Trick-or-Treaters should remember the following safety rules:
  • Wear reflective clothing
  • Travel in groups composed of at least one adult
  • Refrain from consuming treats until inspected by an adult
  • Only cross streets at the crosswalks
  • Do not wear costumes that obscure your vision
  • Do not enter a stranger's home
  • Be prepared for adverse weather
To report inaccurate information or other issues contact us.
Halloween is just days away!
This website helps you find halloween trick or treat dates and times for your town. Similiar to Wikipedia you can help by posting information for your town. It's easy and no user account is necessary!

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